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We meet your medical staffing needs reliably, every time.

Reliable Health Care is proud to staff healthcare organizations in public and private sectors across the Southwest. For more than 4 decades, we have successfully recruited and placed top-tier medical personnel and allied health personnel across all facets of patient care facilities. We can set you up for success with custom solutions and a personalized approach. Reliable’s strategy is based on your organization’s unique needs, so you can find professionals that are the right fit the first time. Come join our growing roster of satisfied medical professionals and agencies.

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Recruit and Manage Contract Clinicians with Ease with Best-in-Class Technology

Reliable ensures and manages our excellent service with the help of best-in-class technology, and an enterprise-wide medical staffing platform that monitors provider schedules, ensures accurate hours, prevents over-scheduling, and tracks professional credentials and continuing education.  

At Reliable, we harness advanced technologies to streamline your staffing management processes. Our commitment to helpful interpersonal communication combined with our custom easy-to-use platforms makes staffing your healthcare organization effortless. 

Grow Lasting Relationships with Dedicated Healthcare Professionals

Today, healthcare organizations across the country seek to find and retain qualified medical professionals excelling in patient care while contributing to a positive work environment. Through Reliable Health Care extensive screening, onboarding, training, continuing education, and efficient management, healthcare providers can rest assured your contract staff will successfully contribute their expertise to your organization. 

Oftentimes, our agencies find Reliable candidates so professionally qualified that they hire Reliable’s contract clinicians and technicians for long-term employment opportunities. However, contract maximums are never exceeded at Reliable Health Care unless your agency requests it, and our providers always maintain access to the latest evidence-based clinical education and credentials. 

Reliable Health Care’s Recruiting and Onboarding

Reliable proudly boasts a 4-decade track record of recruiting and deploying medical and other allied health professionals. Even in areas of severe healthcare provider shortages, such as rural and frontier areas, Reliable has the ability to fill both private and public agency staffing needs. 

Buttressed by strong compensation packages, effective client/staff communications systems, and robust onboarding and orientation processes, Reliable recruits the highest qualified candidates.  

Reliable contracts with industry leaders in clinical work certifications to ensure that our staff and contractors are prepared to always provide you with excellent clinical services—reliably, responsibly, and consistently. 

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Joint Commission-Certified

At Reliable Health Care, we are honored to be certified by Joint Commission. Reliable Health Care has received the Joint Commission’s Certificate of Distinction award on every audit conducted on our clinical quality and performance for more than a decade. The Joint Commission accreditation and certification has international recognition as a symbol of quality, reflecting an organization’s adherence to rigorous performance standards. With the goal of exceptional patient care, this certification guarantees that partners of Reliable find the highest standards of safety, professionalism, and clinical best practices.  

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