Driven by Excellence

Bringing You Superior Healthcare Staffing Solutions

An award-winning medical professional staffing agency, Reliable Health Care adheres to the highest-quality standards of medical, psychiatric, and nursing care. Our excellence begins with strict compliance of all local, state, and federal rules and regulations and all contract requirements. At Reliable Health Care, our excellence goes beyond checking the boxes. You won’t find a one-size-fits-all approach here because our team always delivers a custom solution to solve your unique challenges.  

Certified in Excellence

Reliable Health Care proudly boasts the Certificate of Distinction from Joint Commission, earning this distinguished honor for every audit conducted on our clinical quality and performance for more than a decade. We receive perfect scores during unannounced routine audits from Nevada’s Health and Human Services’ Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance.  

Reliable Health Care takes pride in our candidate and provider selection, training, and management processes. With the highest clinical and professional standards in the industry, both healthcare providers and medical personnel trust Reliable Health Care to deliver optimal staffing solutions, every time. 

Discover The Reliable Impact

Our healthcare providers range from physicians, medical consultants, registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, psychiatrists, and other allied health professionals. Reliable is a facilitator of opportunity, helping medical professionals and healthcare organizations find employment solutions that align with their needs and values. Reliable is only satisfied when our clients succeed.  

Excellence in Recruiting and Staffing

Reliable’s commitment to excellence shows in our pool of qualified candidates and healthcare employers. We pool candidates nationally, and manage our providers locally, assuring each party continues to meet Reliable’s ambitious standards of clinical and performance capacity throughout their contracts.  

Skilled Reliable managers value customer service, convenience, and clinical competency. Coupled with our state-of-the art technology, Reliable streamlines all onboarding (completed remotely or in our local offices) at the convenience of our highly skilled recruitment pool, regardless of where they live. We align top-tier talent with the clients we serve. 

Strive for Excellence with Reliable Health Care.

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