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Screening and Matching

Create Perfect Matches Between Candidates and Organizations.

The key to Reliable’s trusted staffing solutions lies in our extensive screening and matching process. This is pivotal in providing both your healthcare organization and our medical workers with a happy union for the length of the contract. In addition to skills and credentials, we also consider workplace culture and environment to ensure the perfect match.  

Certified by the Joint Commission, Reliable Health Care places the utmost importance on vetting for candidates that align with our exceptionally high standards of patient care and safety. Reliable doesn’t cut corners—we take every precaution to ensure each party strives to deliver optimal patient care.  

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Employee/Candidate Screening

Our multi-faceted screening program safeguards against any risks. Along with specific credential requirements, Reliable’s Legal and Human Resources team strictly adheres to, and exceeds, requirements set by Joint Commission. These include, but are not limited to, the following domains: 

  • Cognitive
  • Affective
  • Psychomotor
  • Interviews
  • Professional references—applicants must provide at least two 
  • Comprehensive criminal background checks 
    • Validated criminal database
    • Validated national sex offenders
    • Federal criminal records
    • Fingerprinting pursuant to NRS as required by the Division of Public and Behavioral Health
    • SSN Verification with address history
    • Government sanctions and exclusion search, including SAM, OFAC and OIGComprehensive criminal background checks 
  • 10-panel drug screen 
  • Verification of documents 
    • Social Security number
    • Work history
    • Education
    • OIG List of excluded Individuals
    • GSA List of Parties excluded from federal programs and the government suspect list
    • Professional license, if applicable
  • Immigration and work eligibility—E-Verify and compliance with applicable immigration laws and I-9 documents are kept on file
  • Health screening—At the time of hire, and in some instances on an annual basis, all health professionals must provide the following:
    • A signed health statement with supporting documentation
    • An annual PPD skin test or, if positive, a negative chest X-ray (CDC guidelines for medical providers)
    • Up-to-date vaccination records or positive titer values for rubella, rubeola, mumps, and varicella
    • Proof of a positive Hepatitis B titer, series of three shots, or declination of the hepatitis B vaccination; a current influenza vaccination or declination

Job Matching & Placement Time Frame

When our team receives a request and a list of qualifications for a medical position, Reliable Health Care sources candidates based on credentials, licensing, experience, and culture.  

After discussing the job assignment and your organization’s needs, our recruiters find your ideal candidate by reviewing resumes, credentialing, interviewing, and skills testing. Once a candidate completes this multi-step vetting process, we’ll present them to your agency for final approval.  

Due to our rigorous screening and matching process, Reliable is proud to boast a 96% success rate in having the candidate we present selected by the requesting agency for placement. 

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