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A Trusted Approached to Healthcare Staffing

Securing top medical talent is a time-sensitive and competitive challenge in medical staff recruiting. A one-size-fits-all staffing solution does not exist in the healthcare industry. In a marketplace facing workplace shortages, Reliable Healthcare has the experience and resources to effectively and efficiently deliver comprehensive workforce solutions. 

With decades of experience in the markets we serve across the Southwest, Reliable understands the wide range of job classifications that various public and private agencies may need.

Temporary and Permanent Medical Staffing

Reliable Health Care is a national healthcare staffing agency serving organizations across the Southwest. We connect healthcare professionals across the country with better pay, more flexibility, and greater stability. Along with temporary and per-diem roles, Reliable recruits and successfully places highly qualified medical personnel in permanent roles to meet your organization’s short and long-term staffing needs. Reliable’s unrivaled recruitment services will address your clinical staffing shortages and retention issues, physician and executive recruitment challenges, and help you better manage the costs of premium labor. With one of the largest clinical candidate pools in the country, Reliable Health Care provides access to the critical clinical and administrative skills you require.
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Comprehensive Background Checks

Our extensive multi-point screening process helps you recruit better talent at the right time. Our initial interview of any candidate assesses qualifications, commitment level to a particular assignment or placement, and demonstrated experience.

Once a candidate meets our industry standards, applicants progress to skill testing, competencies and compliance, and an additional one to one interview with a Reliable Vice President. With Reliable Health Care, you can rest assured each candidate is more than qualified to meet your organization’s needs.

Responsive Candidate Management

Reliable deploys BlueSky, which is a mission-critical, enterprise-wide medical staffing system, to monitor schedules and worked hours to ensure overscheduling does not occur and contract maximums are not exceeded. With our streamlined communication tools and 24/7 customer service, Reliable Health Care efficiently manages day-to-day operations between employers and clinicians.

Find the Perfect Workforce Staffing Solution with Reliable Health Care

Regardless of your healthcare organization’s structure, Reliable Health Care can recruit, onboard, and manage the health care clinicians you require. We look to deliver successful long-term results, picking professionals that are the perfect fit for your organization.

Whether you need permanent placements, per-diem contracts, or short-term travel assignments, the Reliable Health Care team always delivers a one-of-a-kind staffing solution.




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