Advanced Time Keeping and Tracking

Streamlining Management & Administrative Processes

Reliable Health Care conducts business efficiently thanks to our custom integrated technology tools and dedicated recruiting coordinators. Top-of-the-line technologies assist our management staff in recruiting the most qualified, dedicated healthcare personnel and medical consultants across the country. 

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BlueSky Healthcare Staffing Software

Reliable managers use BlueSky, an electronic database, to create secure online client tools. This enterprise-wide medical staffing system enables our clients to track provider licensure and certification deadlines, track staff and placement hours scheduling, and register customer feedback all at point-of-service locations throughout each state.  

With our efficient client tools, Reliable Health Care meets service requests quickly and completely, documents problem resolutions at each step, and ensures the electronic availability of licensure and credentialing to the proper agencies. 

Reliable Health Care’s recruitment team stays ahead of the curve, bringing expert knowledge of the latest trends and expert resources. Some enhanced benefits of Reliable’s efficient technology are as follows: 

  • electronic time and attendance 
  • time off, PTO, vacation tracking  
  • electronic supervisor review and approval 
  • highly customizable configurations and reporting 
  • data visibility and reporting  
  • streamlining scheduling, workflows, and administration  
  • ease of use, including web browsers and mobile browsers 

Customized Tracking Solutions

We make it our mission to perpetually maintain best-in-class technology. Reliable understands that our platform is not a one-size-fits-all. We work closely with the appropriate organizations to tailor our platform’s available features and tracking with the specific agency and/or open position’s requirements.  

Each client has 24/7 access to our secure cloud-based platform to:  

  • request service and/or information 
  • track requisitions 
  • track candidates 
  • monitor placements 
  • track licenses and credentials 
  • schedule and monitor hours 
  • keep track of assignment and contractor requirements 
  • track customer service-related matters 

24/7 Customer Service Support

Reliable Health Care uses advanced technologies to enhance our exceptional customer service and interpersonal collaboration. We pride ourselves on making customized solutions a top priority and are proactive in our agency’s needs. For healthcare clients with fluid staffing demands and shortages, Reliable’s standard protocol is to communicate with agency managers at least semi-weekly to address any concerns they may have. With our multi-layer approach to efficient communications, we help each of our healthcare agencies achieve their goals. Whatever your needs, Reliable Health Care will collaborate to find the ultimate custom staffing solution.  

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Customer Service Support

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