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Setting a Standard of Excellence in Staffing Solutions

At Reliable Health Care, we provide staffing solutions that bring out the best in every medical professional we place and every client we represent. As our name would suggest, we set the standard for reliability and responsiveness in the markets we serve. Reliable’s unique personalized approach carefully aligns top talent and leadership to help foster a positive and efficient work environment. Our industry-leading staffing solutions assure clinical, technical, and management excellence.  

Decades of Experience in the Markets we Serve

Reliable Health Care has been in business since 1980. We boast more than four decades of experience serving both public and private facilities across the entire Southwest. Our decades of experience in these markets means that we have deeper roots, a deeper understanding, and better focus as we serve our clients. 

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Years of Reliable Service

Joint Commission Certified

At Reliable Health Care, we are honored to be certified by Joint Commission. Reliable Health Care has received the Joint Commission’s Certificate of Distinction award on every audit conducted on our clinical quality and performance for more than a decade. The Joint Commission accreditation and certification has international recognition as a symbol of quality, reflecting an organization’s adherence to rigorous performance standards. With the goal of exceptional patient care, this certification guarantees that partners of Reliable find the highest standards of safety, professionalism, and clinical best practices. 

Bringing Value to All of our Partners

We have a deeply personalized approach in how we interact with all our partners – both our client healthcare organizations and the professionals we place with them. Reliable Health Care has always believed that we have two clients, equally valued— our contracted facilities and our clinicians and support staff that we place with them Our partners benefit from the fact that Reliable adheres to the highest clinical staffing and management standards in the field today. The facilities we staff experience best-in-class service, and our providers benefit from Reliable’s commitment to offering excellence in compensation, benefits in continuing education.  

To attract and retain leading medical professionals, Reliable provides full benefits, competitive salaries, ongoing education, and constant support throughout staffing contracts. By recognizing each medical professional’s value, our team can staff your healthcare organization with motivated, dedicated, and professional clinicians & technicians who are eager to jump into the workforce. 

Expert Recruiting and Management

Reliable Health Care’s multi-faceted recruitment strategy brings in industry-leading professionals from across the United States. We source candidates nationally and manage locally to widen our diverse talent pool while maintaining efficient and attentive operations across our agency and your group.  

Once a staff member undergoes extensive screening, background checks, and onboarding, the Reliable Health Care team continues to monitor your day-to-day staffing operations. With 24/7 support available, we address issues and mitigate risks as they arise. The Reliable clinical leadership works closely with our human resources department to manage the following: 

  • pre-hire screening and testing 
  • credentialing and onboarding 
  • continuing education 
  • oversight for healthcare providers on contracts and assignments 
  • performance evaluations 
  • disciplinary actions and remediations 

Staffing Medical, Mental Health, and Administrative Personnel

Reliable Health Care understands the wide range of different job classifications various healthcare agencies may need. The following is a list of some of Reliable’s available job classifications: 
  • Physician, Psychologist, and Psychiatrist—all specialties, including medical and mental health 
  • Medical Consultant—including medical experts for hearings and appeals 
  • Psychiatric Consultant—including medical experts for hearings and appeals Mental Health Counselor 
  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurse 
  • Registered Nurse (PNI, PNII, PNIII)—medical, corrections, mental health 
  • Licensed Practical Nurse 
  • Occupational Therapist, Speech-Language Pathologist, Physical Therapist 
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker 
  • Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor 
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor 
  • Certified Nursing Assistant 
  • Mental Health Technician 
  • Behavioral Health Technician 
  • Administrative/Human Resources Assistant 
  • Other Allied Health Personnel 

Partner with Reliable Health Care and Watch Your Organization Thrive!

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